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Healthcare System Management: How To Improve Organizational Performance in 2018

How can corporate advisory firms help healthcare system management teams to improve organizational performance in today’s dynamic, politically charged environment?

In today’s healthcare environment, more and more of the management team’s resources are dedicated to compliance with the requirements of new or recently changed healthcare legislation. Healthcare organizations, including public and private healthcare systems and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), face issues common to all other businesses such as revenue cycle management, cost control, recruiting and investing in technology, but they also struggle with challenges unique to the healthcare industry, such as keeping up with changes to Medicaid and Medicare legislation, implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and compliance with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s electronic medical and health record mandate for preservation of existing Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rates.

Implementation and compliance for these and similar policies demands more of management’s time, attention and staff resources. Healthcare organizations can often realize major benefits from bringing in experienced outside advisors to assist the healthcare system’s management team in a variety of strategic business functions.

Dacarba’s team of professionals can hit the ground running without requiring the healthcare system’s human resources staff to conduct an extensive talent search. Dacarba can lead specific projects or be engaged over the long-term in a variety of consulting management roles, freeing up existing management to focus on complex implementation and compliance issues. While working on the project, Dacarba can assist the healthcare management team in improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of many of its administrative and financial processes, such as establishing quality control procedures for electronic medical and health record entries, resulting in fewer claim denials and improved collection cycles. Should your public or private healthcare system or FQHC require assistance in managing the business while focusing on healthcare audits or implementation and compliance (with new or changed healthcare program policy), we encourage you to contact Dacarba.