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Modern Healthcare

American healthcare is undergoing a transformation from fee-for-service to outcomes and value, with an ever-increasing emphasis on quality, safety and value-based payments.

Quality performance metrics are used more and more to drive value-based payment and reputation for providers and hospitals.

Healthcare systems across the nation desire to improve their overall rankings by accurately reflecting the clinical quality and anticipate continued industrywide changes.

Our Solution

In response to a void of tools dedicated to quality measure documentation, Dacarba LLC has launched a proprietary data-driven prescriptive analytics software, Medical Diagnosis Accuracy Reporting (MDAR), which paints an accurate and transparent picture of each patient's comorbidities for providers and improves quality measurement.

  • MDAR focuses on medical diagnosis accuracy by identifying additional complications and comorbidities for one or more of the chronic and acute conditions identified by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services as clinical areas of importance
  • A comprehensive dataset is generated daily
  • Clinical variables are identified and analyzed for each condition to identify possible quality improvement

We are creating an equal playing field across healthcare institutions, accurately reflecting the quality of care provided and strengthening physician and hospital credibility.


Quality is now the metric that drives overall performance. In order to effectively maximize quality ratings, hospitals must adopt the “It Takes a Village” mentality. MDAR is a technology solution that facilitates collaboration to maximize value across the organization, while adding value to financial, reputational and operational areas across a facility or system.


Which Measures Matter?

Quality is measured differently across the major rating organizations, but MDAR is designed to be responsive across almost all.


- Web-based Platform - Prioritized Patient Record List
- Utilizes EMR - Dashboard Capabilities
- Record Flagging - Improved Collaboration

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Dacarba MDAR Healthcare Technology

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