Our professionals navigate complex and challenging assignments alongside management teams and their boards of directors, capital providers, law firms, financial institutions and other key stakeholders through the business life cycle. We draw from our extensive track record and diverse backgrounds to provide clients with comprehensive solutions to the challenges and opportunities you face.

Dacarba assists clients at every stage of an organization’s lifecycle—from startup to performance improvement all the way through to acquisition, integration, and exit, whether through IPO or restructuring.

The Dacarba team has the rare combination of diverse subject matter expertise and valuable client service experience to identify, execute, operate, and exit a successful transaction tailored to your industry.

Dacarba is focused on assisting private capital organizations in growing, overseeing, and monetizing their investments. We distinguish ourselves from other firms by the expertise of our people across multiple industries. Our professionals include C-level industry executives and board members of public companies, as well as former partners with Big 4 accounting partners.

Dacarba allows management teams to focus on operations, rather than building a large back office by providing buy side diligence and integration services, as well as valuation and tax advisory.

Dacarba also provides third party assessment of financial performance, operational performance as well as interim management.

The monetization of investments is a process. In many cases, management teams often lack the time or expertise required to smoothly navigate demands of a Registration Statement. Dacarba is a market leader in managing the IPO process providing clients with an informed perspective.

Law firms regularly call on Dacarba to work alongside them in numerous capacities—from assisting in the resolution of complex litigations, ensuring seamless public offerings, to executing restructurings.

Our professionals have successfully consulted on numerous litigation matters over the past three decades. We are seasoned at calculating and defending damages be it economic or business interruption, supporting valuation, purchase price and D&O disputes as well as forensic investigations.

Dacarba works for and alongside financial institutions in numerous capacities from ensuring sound initial investments to exiting challenged investments.

Leveraging our complex financial reporting and enterprise risk practices, Dacarba’s team of seasoned former Big 4 professionals bring the necessary experience and tools to evaluate the stability and persistence of a company’s earnings. When assessing the quality of an entity’s earnings, we consider the accounting practices, internal control environment, management experience, capacity to deliver on growth projections, macroeconomic influences and cash flow stability. Additionally, when lenders need a seasoned business partner with deep expertise, Dacarba CPAs, certified fraud examiners, tax experts, and valuation experts to the table to provide lenders a third-party review of collateral In addition to collateral and earnings assessments, Dacarba serves secured and unsecured creditors and investors to enhance investments and protect returns during times of operational and financial crisis.

Dacarba’s approach to providing corporate restructuring services involves leveraging all of our service lines in a thoughtful and action-based manner. While we directly serve lenders we are often asked by lenders to work directly with their distressed counterparty.

Finally, at Dacarba, we understand that successfully monetizing investments is a process. That’s why we work alongside financial institutions to manage the process effectively and seamlessly.