Dacarba LLC Is a Professional Services Firm
Headquartered in New York City

Our team of consultants works with management teams, boards of directors, and other key stakeholders through our core service offerings, which include: complex financial reporting, litigation support & financial advisory, process & technology, restructuring, strategy & organization and tax.


We draw on our extensive track record and diverse backgrounds to maximize value, profitability and growth potential for our clients. Because we work alongside management teams, lenders and equity sponsors, our team of experienced professionals brings an informed perspective to the challenges and opportunities you face.

Dacarba is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opportune LLP, a preeminent provider of financial advisory and consulting services to the energy industry.



Our people are our firm’s greatest and most valuable asset. We bring our extensive networks and the benefit of our collective and diverse experiences to each of our clients. We are a trusted partner and our hands-on approach allow us to focus on the critical objectives as well as pivot in the event the situation changes course. The success of our clients — and ultimately Dacarba — is dependent on our ability to staff our assignments with the best and brightest.